I woke at the sound of twigs snapping, my eyes opened, and I saw everything was clearer than I remember. I could see the grooves on the leaves that were on the ground, the dew on the web on the tree. I could hear the insects pitter patter of feet on the ground. I could feel more, smell more. This was an especially new sensation for a girl who wears glasses. I took in my surroundings. I was in a clearing, with my black horse, midnight, layed down. I was up against a tree, in a comfortable position. I had a backpack beside me, and I found out that its contents was the same as I left them:

my phone, with its charger (completley useless as I had no outlet to plug it into)

my laptop, with charger (same thing)

canteen filled with water (lemonade packets, if I got tired of water)

first-aid kit with band-aids, medicine, iodine and whatnot

emergency fast-foods that could last me a few days (if I was careful) 

extra batteries


dagger (just in case)

extra clothing

food for midnight

other suff

I also had my tent set up, and inside it I had my sleeping bag. Maria was inside, sleeping in her bag, clutching a dragon egg. Wait, what? A dragon egg?!? Oh my jeezums, I had one too. Hers was purple, which suited the fact that she wears artificial purple contact lenses, meaning that the contacts had no perscriptions, and also meaning her eyes were purple for those of you who have no clue whats contact lenses are. look it up peeps. I wore fake contact lenses too, exept mine made my eyes look like those silver stuff they had on the host movie. Also, my real eyecolor was blue, so it only added to the effect. Maria started to stir. What the bazoobs? I probably look like that, but still. She looked like the frizzin half-elf from the eragon book. Oh, my jeezums, we aren't in the book........ are we? 0.o The twigs snapped again, and my head shot up to where the noise was coming from. With my elf(ish) ears (I touched them and they were pointed.... weird 0.o) I saw an out line of a man, and behind him I saw two big blue eyes. Dragon

eyes, to be exact. I screamed. Maria shot up, rolling the dragon egg in the process, grabbed her dagger and widened her eyes at what I was looking at. The man came cautiously, and he looked like us. Oh fudgepops, this is not gonna be fun.