Please note that I do not in anyway justify Hitler's atrocious behaviour.However,Hitler probably did not think of himself as evil and since this story is written in his perspective,his atrocities are justified.


The last thing Hitler remembered was the sound of the gun go off.The rest was pure silence.When he awoke,the once-powerful Nazi dictator looked around,startled.Was he in Purgatory?No,this looked nothing like Purgatory.Hell,maybe?Certainly not!For one,Hitler did not believe he would be sent to such a place,after he had done nothing wrong,second,this looked nothing like hell.

He lay on a bed in a beautiful,medieval-styled room,marvelling.The more he marvelled the more he wondered if he was in heaven.After a few seconds,he attempted to get up,only succeeding in falling over.After a few heavy breaths,the Austrian tried again,this time more successfully.

After opening the door that led out of his room,he saw a maid walking by."Where am I?"he asked the maid,who looked at him strangely,glancing at his uniform with the Swastika on it.Angrily,he asked again,this time with more force.

"King Galbatorix's palace,"the maid stuttered,almost dropping the plates of food she was carrying.

"And who,by God's grace,is this Galbatorix?"Hitler asked,this time with more charm and charisma.He'd always had a way with words.

"He is the king of Alagaesia,"the maid said before a teenage boy appeared.Hitler studied the boy,surprised at his medieval clothing.Where on earth was he?

"What seems to be the trouble,"the man asked,looking at Hitler exactly like the maid.

"I was wondering where I was."Hitler said venemously."The last thing I remember is shooting myself in the head with my gun."

The boy looked even more confused,"Gun?"he asked.I think he's a loony,Thorn said to Murtagh.

Hitler was getting furious,like he did when giving a speech to the citizens of Germany before seeing Thorn appear.This was too much for the Geman dictator and he fell over.

Chapter OneEdit

Hitler awoke to the sound of roaring,"Can't a Germanic dictator get some sleep!"he shouted before remembering where he was.Was he hallucinating?He felt extremely queasy,the whole world seemed to spin around.He never felt this terrible since he met his first Jew."The Jews!"he exclaimed,coming to his conclusion."I knew it!How could you do this to me God!How could you leave me stranded on this god-forsaken Jewish ghetto plane of existence."

The maid was passing by when she heard him rambling,puzzling,she gave Murtagh a puzzled look.He simply shrugged.This stranger made Galbatorix look like the sanest man on earth.