Bane Heartfire
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Until today no one has ever seen Bane and lived.

Age 500+
Birthday Unknown
Date of Death N/A
Eye Colour Black scaleras and gold iridises
Hair Colour Golden


Height 7'8
Status Alive

Bane Heartfire is a rogue Rider and the rider of Thazak. He is currently located in the Farlands where Eragon settled with the elves.


Bane is a constanly shifting miasma of energy, so his full appearance cannot be accurately described. He can appear as an old man or a late teenager with black hair with gold flecks. The only things that can be said about Bane's appearance is that the whites of his eyes are black and his irises are golden yellow.

His most common appearance is as a tall hooded being that resembles a shade. Underneath the hood are his unique eyes and his golden hair. He is almost eight feet tall, and is reportedly stronger than an elf.


No known records of Bane's early life can be found, but from what the Nameless Tome records, he was once a human, existing when the Brodding Kingdon flourished. He was King Angrenost's must trusted advisor before The Fall. After that a large void of history is left until after the death of Galbatorix.

Bane was found in Rist'vakbaen by a patrol of the Empire's soldiers under Queen Nasuada. He was seemingly under a deep sleep when Captain Garviel awoke him, and when his eyes opened, the whole battalion was slaughtered in a splitsecond. Garviel was spared, seemingly for the reason to bring word to Nasuada that "The True King" was alive again. The implications of this are very indeterminate.