Bathalas before his left arm and leg were severed by Glaerun

Species Dragon
Rider Jura Swiftwind
Eye Colour Black
Affiliation Order of the Dragon Riders
Scale Colour Amethyst
Appearances The Fall

Bathalas (born March 5) is a amethyst colored dragon who was ridden by Jura Swiftwind, who participated in the Fall of the Riders.


According to Jura, Bathalas was one of the most graceful and beautiful dragons that ever roamed Alagaesia. She had deep purple scales which shimmered in the sunlight and jet black eyes. She is covered by scales and has a finlike projection running down his spine to the tip of her tail. Bathalas was also one of the most strongest, able to fight against Glaerun before being incapacitated by his dragon, who was victim of the Banishing of the Names.


Bathalas shares common traits with all dragons, which includes scaled hide, web-like wings, and sharp teeth and claws. Bathalas' variation in body form was that she possessed "fins" running down her back with multiple spikes projecting from her face. Jura said she was a very beautiful dragon, and is famed for this.


During a battle with Glaerun of the Forsworn, Bathalas' left side was severely damaged by Glaerun's blade, leaving her with half of her legs and major scarring. Bathalas grieved for many days for her loss, and told Jura she would never be beautiful again. Jura comforted her in this and allowed Bathalas to continue fighting against Galbatorix to the very end.

With her handicap, Vrael deemed Jura unfit to ride Bathalas who was also not allowed to participate in the war. This greatly offended her and she flew off with Jura into the Beors for many months before finding the Dwarven city of Farthen Dur. There they met Golus, a master tinkerer who became Jura's best friend during her stay there. He gifted Jura a specialized set of light armour crafted with great skill and gave Bathalas mechanical limbs to substitute for the ones severed by Glaerun. Bathalas now possesses a more robotic appearance due to her prostetic limbs.