Bera-Nutîm (*100 years before Galbatorix' death, † 13 ag, res 72 ag, † 100 ag) was a dwarven military leader. He was a member of Dûrgrimst Quan and a favourite of king Gannel after the latter dethroned Ûndin to his own favour. As a reward for braveness in battle, Gannel made him one of his military advisors and eventually adjutant of his adoptive son Lotar, with whom he had become good friends. Gannel's victory over Eragon he didn't witness - he fell only days before Eragon's suicide. Urgzhaz, later dwarven king, became his successor.

59 years after his death, Bera-Nutîm was resurrected by Sômka, who had taken over Mîshi's resurrection attempts after his execution. Bera-Nutîm is the first member of one of the great races of Alagaësia that was successfully resurrected, followed later by Eragon and Mîshi. Sômka magically determined his age and realized Bera-Nutîm was exactly 40 years old, despite having been much older when he died. He fought for Sômka and managed to conquer Tarnag, where Molo, the leader of the movement "Dragon Eggs for Dwarfs!" was residing (he died during the siege), but he later broke with Sômka, associating himself with Urgzhaz. He went to Tronjheim, the residence of the king, but remained an outsider at the court.