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Swordsofwrathadmin Swordsofwrathadmin 1 November 2018

Draconic Alliance Halloween Blogpost 2018

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Swordsofwrathadmin Swordsofwrathadmin 7 October 2018

Announcing Draconic Alliance Discord

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Swordsofwrathadmin Swordsofwrathadmin 27 September 2018

Draconic Alliance Autumn Blogpost 2018

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Alittlebitofcyanide Alittlebitofcyanide 16 November 2013

Guess Who's Back?

It's Alittlebitofcyanide here! Back from the dead, I guess you could say. For those of you just joining us, I'm the founder of this small and rather tiny wiki, who left for a long period of time and kind of let it go to shit. So, for all of you out there, if anyone is out there, I'm sorry. Originally, this wiki had 3 admins. After some time, Jazzy was the first to go. Wherever you are, you really helped me take off this wiki! And Wyvern Rex, who still continued on even after i stopped, thank you so much. So, as of the moment, both are Inactive Admins, and will continue to be so until they update or anything.

I'm a teen, and almost all of anybody who visits it is the same. Just some guy wanting to write FF about a series he/she loves. And un…

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Mkgrace Mkgrace 6 August 2013

Randomness Rocks

Me #1: I should probably start a blog for this type of thing...

Me #2: Hey! That's brilliant! *pats Me #1 on back* You're the brilliantest person I know!

Me #1: Firstly: that's because I'm the only person you know, and secondly, brilliantest is not a real word.

Me #2: Yes it is! I just used it so it has to be real!

Me #1: *shakes head sadly* I think I need to go seek the company of someone a little more... intelligent in order to keep my sanity.

Me #2: More intelligent than who?

Me #1: *facepalm*

Just my ordinary conversation with myself ;). Btw, that is not totally unrelated to this wikia, that conversation orignally started with me asking myself what I should write next in my fanfic.

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Alittlebitofcyanide Alittlebitofcyanide 29 March 2012

Feature Tweaking

So, uh, in case you haven't noticed, I added a few new features to the wiki! We now have the Message Wall, which is a much more convenient way of the Talk Page that we used to use, and we also have a Chat which is now live! (awww yeah) I really hope this wiki gets more users, and I'm extremely happy with how it is slowly but surely expanding. Cheers!

Sorry this is so short for a blog, but I felt the users needed to be posted on what is happening to the wiki. Cheers! I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone. 02:01, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

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Alittlebitofcyanide Alittlebitofcyanide 19 March 2012

Silence Filled the Room...

What happened to the users?! LOL. Seemed I've been the only one on the wikia for almost a week. And I thought I would be the one that wouldn't be online a lot. Oh well, since I'm the only one here, I need to make something like a to-do list for the "other" admin. Haha, sounds funny.

  • Wiki-Navigation (I'm sorry Jazzy but I'm retarted and I don't know how to fix this one)
  • Forums
  • Chat
  • Category Check
  • other stuff

So yeah Jazzy, if you're reading this, our wiki really needs to go into hardware mode for a while before becoming nice and shiny again.

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Sverik25 Sverik25 2 March 2012

Do all of the stories here have to be based in Alagaesia?

Just wondering...

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Alittlebitofcyanide Alittlebitofcyanide 25 February 2012

Greetings! :D

Wow, this feels exactly like Jazzy's. Oh well. I've got birds in my ears, and a devil on my shoulders. I'm falling to the other but I can't get a hold of her. 00:47, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

So hey, it's me, Alittlebitofcyanide. Ah screw it. D: my username is too taxing to write, so you can call me Cyanide or something like that. I loved the Eragon stuff, & I also read Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Heroes of Olympus, Dawn of War, Ribblestrop, and the Kane Chronicles. I'm a nerd when it comes to a lot of things, mainly Lord of the Rings and Dawn of War, but I can be pretty hardcore if I feel like it lol. I love MCR, and fully believe it's a kickass band. Highschool student with nothing much to do at home, so I made this wikia and joined a loa…

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LadyBug LadyBug 24 February 2012


Hiya! My name is Jazzy (you can call me Lady or Bug or anything inbetween, I don't mind)

I really like the idea this site is throwing together, so I figured I would put together a place where anybody who drops by can say hello and meet one another.

The name is Jazzy! I love art, Eragon (duh), Warrior Cats, The Hunger Games, Music (The Head and The Heart =

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