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Dead DaysEdit

The Varden have fallen. It was utterly crushed after a brutal counter-offensive by King Galbatorix. None have survived, not even the mighty Eragon Shadeslayer. After learning of the Vault of Souls, Galbatorix sealed the entire island with impenetrable wards. Surda was annexed as a colony of the Empire. There is no resistance. All have fled into the Beors seeking refuge with the Dwarves. Elves hide deep in the forests of Ellesmera. No one dares challenge the rule of Galbatorix, The High King of Alagaesia. There is no future for us, only shattered perceptions of what they could be. These are the Dead Days, the hardest and most cruellest regime of terror ever seen...


Helena - The now-orphaned daughter of two merchants from Surda, Helena hopes to avenge the death of her parents in retribution against the Empire.

Desmond Ilirea - One of the last elves that does not hide in Ellesmera, Desmond is a head-strong and determined to strike back at the Empire for what they have done.

Roald Mundson - A once mighty commander of the 13th Legion, Roald is a washed-out drunkard who spends his days drinking faelnirv in small inns in Uru'baen.

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