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Dragonbane Saga




PG 13+





The Dragonbane Saga is an upcoming series written by Cyanide. It takes place almost one hundred years after the events of Inheritance.


Eye of The Storm (ongoing)[]


Hundreds of years after the fall of King Galbatorix, a new generation of Riders rise from the teachings of the legendary Eragon Shadeslayer, a once simple farm boy from Carvahall. But, once again evil rises. High King Romulus has been rumored to have been performing acts of black magic deep in the dungeons of Uru'baen. Wren, the nephew of the King, is trouble at the gossip but his pleas fall upon deaf ears. Can Wren even hope to uncover the secrets deep in the Dungeons?

Tempest (coming soon)[]

Wren has left Uru'baen, and perhaps forever. Disgraced by his family, wanted by the High King for treason, and beaten half-dead by the Deathmarks, there was little to no help for our protagonist. But help in the form of an elderly hermit with his beautiful daughter come to Wren's aid. With a new desire to live, Wren must once again dive again into the Empire hoping to stop and ancient evil for covering all of Alagaesia for eons to come...

Storm Riders (coming soon)[]

Above all odds, Wren Marvelson has survived. With the help of Madeline, he put an end to the madness that had engulfed Uru'baen. Only one thing stands in his way; a renegade group of Eragon's proteges that call themselves the Storm Riders. They hope to control the terror within Sharktooth Island, and end the bloody reign of King Romulus himself.