Dugrish Elvenstone
Dwarven Bard
Age 55
Birthday March 4, 8101 AC
Date of Death April 20, 8156 AC
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Brown (grayed)
Affiliation Order of the Literators
Appearances N/A
Status Deceased

Dugrish Elvenstone (born 8101 AC), is the former Dwarven Literator from Galfni. He is currently entombed on the slopes of the Beors near the great city.

History Edit

Although most of Dugrish's childhood is unknown, he was known to be born and raised in the dwarven city of Gafni. He was well-acquainted with Hagariah Ishkar, a fellow dwarf from Gafni who later became his associate.

Sometime in 8134 AC Dugrish joined the Order of the Literators and was inducted as the Loremaster for Dwarven literature. Hagariah helped him in his many adventures in the Beors until his untimely death in 8156 AC.


On one of his travels with Ishkar, Dugrish encountered a large Fanghur nest, a creature whose population had greatly increased in the last seventy years. He ventured into the large nest located deep in a cave, wanting to add more to the dwarves' knowledge of the Fanghur. Ishkar objected strongly, saying, "I'm better off not knowing what lies in that hell hole."

Dugrish continued on, and was reluctantly followed by Ishkar into a large cavern with hundreds of Fanghur eggs in stasis. Upon stepping into the nesting grounds, a gigantic Fanghur swooped from the cave ceiling and struck down Dugrish, splitting him cleanly in half with its jagged claws. Ishkar was horrified by his death & ran as fast as he could to the exit, narrowly escaping the massive Fanghur he then christened The Dwarfhunter.


Although very little is known of Dugrish, Ishkar describes him to be a dwarf that was very talkative, never spending any time being silent. He was known for this, and was also an excellent lute-player, something he was famed for within the ranks of the Literators.


Dugrish had the typical features of a Dwarf, bearing a large beard and a shaggy mane of brown hair, which was already graying prior to his death. He wore a common dwarven garb and boots, carrying with him his lute and a small dagger which he seldom used. He was unusually tall for a dwarf, but was still small compared to normal humans.