The Dwarven Underground Movement was a resistance group founded after the dwarfs lost Beor to the Urgals.

Historical Background Edit

In 40 So, Urgal tribes Rosh and Kîhîdocgh attacked Beor for the first time, leaded by Nêzhmeg. They were repulsed, but King Sûmqir suffered a breakdown and had to resign. His successor Doqin lost Beor to the Urgals in 1 UEî. Since the dwarfs had also recently lost Erlia to the elves, they only controlled the territory surrounding Hedarth.

The founding of the movement Edit

Founder and progenitor of the Dwarven Underground Movement was Pasoqnik, the former foreign minister of Beor, who had escaped the fiasco by the various dwarven tunnels. Pasoqnik was also the first leader of the movement. Having allways been more a diplomat than a warrior, the Movement was militarily not very active under his command. He intended to use it primarily as a strike force for cases of emergency and wait until much more dwarfs would have joined the movement.

Assassination of Pasoqnik Edit

This attitude was seen unwillingly by many younger and hotter-headed dwarfs, who burned to take revenge immediately. Often they hunted Urgals on their own, which sabotaged Pasoqniks attempts to negociate with the Urgals and, even more important, with king Lindir. He decided to leave his post and delegated the supreme command of the Movement to a friend, who was driven out again only some days later by some young dwarfs leaded by Gannalqashtûr. Pasoqnik accepted their choice to make Gannalqashtûr the new leader of the rebellion, but a short time later he met Gannalqashtûr and his bodyguards near Hedarth and got killed by them.

Retaking of Beor Edit

Gannalqashtur was now the undisputed leader of the Dwarven Underground Movement. He was assisted by Rapa, who tried to use spirits to help them in battle. Unfortunately, he overestimated his forces and ended up possessed by the spirits. With this mighty helper, the dwarfs managed to kill the Urgal general Brikdîr and regain their territories, only to be enslaved by Rapa-Laerek now. The Dwarven Underground Movement had served its purpose and dissolved.