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Wren ran as fast as the wind could take him. He was horrified to see such a thing come to life, and stranger now was that it seemed to be sentient and possibly dangerous to the New Empire. Gods, what have I gotten into? He thought to himself. "T-the Anima... lives again..." Sohrin said to him. The question know was, what was the Anima? It was already dawn when he was walking down the streets covered in a putrid odor, so he had to get home soon. As soon as he neared the estate, he could see billows of smoke and feared the worse. His senses heightened as he saw his once mighty home in flames. People were watching as the house was incinerated, but they did nothing. Wren snapped into action and put his dirty coat over his head, stopping the debris from burning him.

The smoke had blinded him and made his mind giddy, but he endured the torment that battered down on him. He ran to the flaming kitchen, but found no one in sight. The housemaids would have already fled the scene in the first sight of danger, but Wren feared for his mother. He ran up the stairs but in an instant the flight of steps leading to the upper corridor collapsed in a firestorm of embers. The smoke was sucked into his lungs as he tried to find a way upstairs, but found no alternative. His only choice was the jump into the fray and fear the worst. As he leaped he saw a blinding white light, burning through his surroundings.

Suddenly he was surrounded by thirteen figures, burning brighter than a million suns. He wondered why his eyes had not disintegrated entirely because of the solar flares emnating from their complexion. We have watched you for many years, Advurok'Sanharin. The one in the middle said.

"What does that even mean?" Wren replied. " I am no Advurok-whatever. My name is Wren Marvelson, now will you please tell me where I am!"

You are in the Sphere of Ages, Wren Marvelson. One in the left said. It is a place known only by the Storm Riders, and we intend to keep it that way. My name is Glisnar, Wren. We have come to train you as one of us.

"And what if I don't want to?" Wren said to Glisnar.

Then, Glisnar replied, you shall be sentenced to Du Namar Aurboda.