Hello there! If you are a new wiki user, and you don't know what to do yet, you should read this brief summary on How to Get Started on this wiki! Firstly, there are a few things you should know before you begin writing your stories.

  • This is a site for Fanfiction pertaining to the Inheritance Cycle. Any stories or characters with no relations whatsoever to the Inheritance Cycle may be removed. Fanfiction about dragons is more of a broad topic, and you can write in if you want.
  • Respect the other users. Griping and whining are not tolerated in this wiki, and any person who excessively practices this may be banned depending on the gravity of the situation. Adding categories or anything to another user's page is not cool.
  • Don't be a baby. Sometimes we all need to give a wake-up call to people who are daydreaming. This is not a site where you will always be praised for your stories. Expect a lot of constructive criticism. We will try to keep the criticism not in the level of flaming, but you must know that now everyone is perfect. You are free to write your unabashed opinions about the story you are reading, but please keep it clean. Flaming or revenge trolling will not get you anywhere.

Now that those are settled out, I may now give you a guide on how to get started!

Creating a PageEdit

The title makes it sound simple enough, but if you don't know how, on the upper right corner there is a bar entitled Contribute. Click on it and it will drop down a bunch of options.

  • Edit this page
  • Add a photo
  • Add a page
  • Wiki Activity

The others are fairly simple to understand. Once you click Add a page it will ask you to name your page and to choose wether to use a blank page or to use one pre-made with placeholders. I recommend using the one with placeholders if you are not very familiar with what to do.

You can make pages for your characters, your stories and their individual chapters, and organizations, weapons, and important places in your stories.

(NOTE: You do not have to add every single detail as a page. Keep it simple to avoid cluttered pages.)

To Infinity...Edit

Now this is where you come in. Your job on this wiki is to add you stories and characters and whatever you feel that needs to be added to your stories. I cannot help you with the writing part, but you can message me or another admin if you want help. You can also try the forums if you need help. :)

I hope that helped!