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Featured Article: Awakening

Sarabelle is the spoiled middle child of Roran and Katrina Stronghammer. After the war with Galbatorix, her family lives a rich and lofty lifestyle in New Carvahall. For Sarabelle, life is good- she lives like a princess and the handsome Vanir, an elven ambassasador, is coming to visit soon.

"But when a dragon hatches for her, Sarabelle's life and dreams are shattered. She is whisked away to the elven forest and meets Rider and Queen of the Elves Arya, who seems to have a special interest in her, but this only creates more outrage and controversy about her being a Rider than ever before.

With the blood ties and attention that once made her strong now holding her back, Sarabelle must fight to prove that her hands are now meant for wielding a sword and shield, and for protecting those so dear." Awakening is also a part of the Rebirth Series, which you can see here.


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