Nolfavrell Quimbysson (* 15 years before Galbatorix' death, † 60 ag) was a human statesman.

Youth Edit

Nolfavrell was born in Carvahall. He was the son of the brewer Quimby and his wife Birgit. In the siege of Carvahall after Eragon's flight, Nolfavrell's father Quimby was the first to be killed by Galbatorix's soldiers and the Ra'zac. He was among the habitants of Carvahall who became famous for leaving their village through the Spine and reaching the Varden. Despite being still very young, Nolfavrell already participated in the uprising against Galbatorix. Some time later, he made his first fame by crushing the dwarven revolt leaded by Saza, a revolt of dwarfs being on Galbatorix' side. That is why he was severely hated by many dwarfs, especially by the partisans of Gannel who called him "dwarf slaughterer".

Advancement Edit

When Eragon was captured by Galbatorix' troops, Nolfavrell, being only 15 years old, became the leader of the Varden for the time of Eragon's absence. Several very renowned people, such as Roran Stronghammer, swore fidelity to him. It's confirmed that he was assumed to be a good leader, but there are also failures, for example his attempt to win over the diplomate Wajser to the Varden's side, resulting in Wajser's suicide.

When a post-war order was installed, Nolfavrell got a function called "Supreme Protector of Alagaësia". It was his job to ensure that no one would install a new reign of terror as Galbatorix had done. But over the years, his influence increased. When the Varden opposed against Gannel, he helped them concentrating troops and became leader of the Varden a second time; but after Gannel's defeat, he returned to his former post, not residing in Ilirea, but in Gil'ead. In fact, he ruled Alagaësia now in a dual leadership with Irvin from Surda. This arrangement lasted for twenty years, when, at a great age, Irvin departed this life, leaving Nolfavrell, having passed 50 as well, as the only leader of Alagaësia. He withstood an uprising of Mîshi, but when Mîshi escaped from prison and threatened him again, he wanted to resign. Vanir and Saphira promised to protect him, but nevertheless Mîshi managed to capture him. After Mîshi's defeat and death sentence, Nolfavrell decided to retire into private life and to appoint Dango as his successor. He returned to Carvahall, where he spent the last four years of his life.

Private Life Edit

Nolfavrell was married twice and had two children, one per marriage.