The People's Court, or People's Tribunal, situated in Ilirea, was the supreme tribunal of Alagaësia after the fall of Galbatorix.

Description Edit

The People's Court was installed to bring people to court who had committed major crimes that didn't come under the cognizance of a local court. Even if a local court would have taken the case, the People's Court could insist in taking it itself if the case was from major public interest. If someone demanded the banishment of another person, it was the People's Court who decided. For example, Regodor in his office as Supreme Judge handled Eragon's request to banish Sanja and Goldan. Sometimes it condemned a delinquent to banishment even without a request from outside.

After Soler's flight, the People's Court started to be more and more corrupted. Gal, Derrinok and Mîshi leaded the court with a high amount of despotism, not to say only as a mean to consolidate their power. After Mîshi's death and Soler's return, it was legitimazed again, but after the death of Hayo it remained without a Supreme Judge and was more and more corrupted again. So King Sofy decided to dissolve the People's Court and install a new court instead.

Supreme Judges Edit


  • ...
  • Soler
  • Gal (with Spinna and, later, Derrinok assisting him)
  • Derrinok
  • Mîshi (commissarial)
  • Squerl
  • Soler (in place of Squerl during his home leave)
  • Mîshi (commissarial after Soler being banished)
  • Soler
  • Galon
  • Thach
  • Regodor
  • Ambûl
  • Hayo

Important accused persons Edit


  • Samul (long time imprisonment)
  • Karina
  • Squizander
  • Soler (first accuse failed, in a second process banned)
  • Webér (death penalty)
  • Doqin (death penalty in absentia, later reversed)
  • Nasen (death penalty)