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Biographical Info

Name: Sarabelle Stronghammer
Age: 15
Birthday: June 19th

Physical Description

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5' 6"

Chronological & Political Info

Dragon: Kail

Affiliation: Stronghammer Family, The Order


Roran Stronghammer (father)

Katrina Ismirasdaughter (mother

Ismira Stronghammer (sister)

Eridor Stronghammer (brother)

Eragon Bromsson (uncle)


Sarabelle Stronghammer (born June 19th) is the second daughter to Roran and Katrina, niece to Eragon Bromsson, and a Rider in the New Order.


Sarabelle is average height at about 5' 6". She has long curly hair that descends all the way to her lower back. She often wears a woven headband with a pink carnation on it, given to her by Inari who wears a matching blue one. Her eyes are a light green and she has a rather pale skin complextion from not having to work outside when she was younger. Her gedwey ignasia is located on
her left shoulder, since she was unwilling to have any visible part
of her body branded. Her usual outfit is a green romper with
golden embroidery with a brown belt and boots. She wears
jewelry with rare jems crafted by the Dwarves to store energy in.
At the beginning of her adventures, she was plump due to
inactivity,but after her intense training with the elves she became
much more slender and fit.


Before her training with the elves, Sarabelle could only be
described best as vain- not only for her appearance but also for
who she was and her status as Roran's daughter. She was
unkind and selfish, even to her family whom she constantly trying
to correct them and show them the "proper" way to act. She
cared little for others and was downright cruel to those who she
deemed lower than herself.

Throughout her training with the elves, she was broken down and
humbled again and again. She felt unworthy to be a Rider, and
especially to Kail, who the elves constantly praised and adored,
claiming he was a magnificent example of a true dragon. She
went into a depression for a while. Her time with the elves was a
crucible to say the least..

(more to be added on as the story continues in Awakening.)


Sarabelle was born about a year after the fall of Galbatorix and
the birth of her older sister, Ismira. As the youngest child for quite
a time, she was given quite a bit of attention from both her
parents and nurse maids. She was never seeking or begging
outloud for attention, but people were always attracted to her.
She had a magnetic prescence which meant she was never

As a younger child she would always play with the farm animals
and her sister, but when Ismira began to grow more as an adult,
Sarabelle sulkily followed suit, noting the attention Ismira began
to garner from adults and wishing for the same.

She often travelled to Ilirea with her father and mother on their
dimplomatic trips, and she met many nobles and even High
Queen Nasuada herself. She developed a great rapport among
the other noble's children, but all the while had a harder time
stealing the adult's attention for Ismira.

Before she was whisked away to become a Rider, she lived
peacefully in her home with her family.