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This is the Nameless Tome. It is an ancient black book bound with old magic making it impervious to copy or forge. There are no known copies that exist in all of Alagaesia.

The Tome has three secrets. Things that time has tried to erase are written in these pages, from its greatest triumphs to its darkest secrets. The first secret is the true name of the ancient language. It was stated to be within pages after a prisoner cried out in mercy, blabbering on about a book located in the dungeons of Uru'baen with the key to keeping sorcerors in check. The second secret is a mystery, only mentioned on the first page, along with the other secrets. It is a very large book with not so very legible writing. Ancient Elvish is terribly hard to translate.

The final secret is one of history. It holds the account of Jura Swiftwind, a female Dragon Rider from Silthrim. She participated in the Dragon Wars and the Fall of the Riders. She wrote down what she could in her native Elvish tongue, and bound the book with sealing magic, never to burn or crumble. The magic imbued within made it impossible to copy, so the Tome is left in its original format of Silthrim Elvish. Very few can read it. The ones who can have vowed never to utter it aloud in the ancient language.

The Tome has begun to deteriorate after the death of Oromis. Many wonder what the connection between Jura and Oromis was. Some had said they were lovers before they became Riders. Glaedr highly doubts this. Five years after Oromis' death, special magic was cast to keep the Tome from destroying itself completely. Members of the Du Vrangr assist in the restoration of the Tome daily. Only one person to date can read the Tome.

His name is Murtagh Morzanson. He has returned from his self-imposed exile to read it himself, wanting to know more about the history of the Riders before their Fall. Here lies the account of Jura, who, above all odds, succeeded in finishing the Tome.

This is her legacy.