The New OrderEdit

The New Order, or just simply The Order, is the new generation of Dragon Riders and Apprentices. They reside far to the east of Alagaesia in Mt. Brisingr. Eragon and Saphira oversee the Riders and their training.


==Mt. Brisingr==

After the war with Galbatorix, Eragon and the elven spellcasters travelled east for two weeks until they came upon a large mountain. With the help of the elves and Eldunari, they sang to the mountain their pleas and needs for a place to train the riders, thus modling the
mountain at it's very core. It currently houses all the current riders and apprentices in a crater at the top, created after an large eruption in the past. It is surrounded and blanketed in a lush green forest that, thanks to the magic imbued into the terrain by Eragon and company, is green throughout the year.



Eragon & Saphira

Kandgra & Nartune

Hrothn & Minisdar

Knollan & Arcanya

Fluiran & Esvei

Yazshk & Gor'Taug

Oklegn & Lavgin

Pmoag & Phek

Elida & Vrailyn

Loki & Aribern

Dnarv & Namorth

Garzag & Prelyn

Claudin & Sclevin

Mireina & Tiloenn

Cedric & Solvass

Sarabelle & Kail

Dahl & Ahti

Inari & Valonir