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    Randomness Rocks

    August 6, 2013 by Mkgrace

    Me #1: I should probably start a blog for this type of thing...

    Me #2: Hey! That's brilliant! *pats Me #1 on back* You're the brilliantest person I know!

    Me #1: Firstly: that's because I'm the only person you know, and secondly, brilliantest is not a real word.

    Me #2: Yes it is! I just used it so it has to be real!

    Me #1: *shakes head sadly* I think I need to go seek the company of someone a little more... intelligent in order to keep my sanity.

    Me #2: More intelligent than who?

    Me #1: *facepalm*

    Just my ordinary conversation with myself ;). Btw, that is not totally unrelated to this wikia, that conversation orignally started with me asking myself what I should write next in my fanfic.

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