Wren Marvelson
Age 16
Birthday January 20, 8113 AC
Date of Death N/A
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Affiliation Empire
Appearances Dragonbane Saga
Status Alive

Wren Marvelson (born January 20), is a citizen of Uru'baen born from Marvel and Helena Claudius.


Wren was born in the village of Melian during a cold Friday morning. His parents had just moved from Surda after they found out Helena was pregnant, but soon they were placed in Ilirea (formerly Uru'baen) after Marvel's long esteemed uncle became the new High King of Alagaesia, after the untimely death of the former King Svarin of Eoam. All of Svarin's bloodline had failed, and his most trusted advisor was Romulus, Marvel's older brother. The Royal Council decided that Romulus should take his place, and Romulus accepted the honor.

Growing up in riches and royalty, Wren despised most of his inheritance, much to his father's surprise. Wren's family lived a austere life before their uncle's ascension, and now they had everything. Marvel was formally inducted into the Royal Council while Helena fell terribly ill. Wren searched for a cure for her ailment, but could not succeed.

Now motherless, Wren became terribly depressed and tried to drown his sorrows by reading thousands of books in the king's library. Wren loved reading, and believed that every citizen in Uru'baen and all of Alagaesia should be taught literacy.

A picture of Melian, Wren's old village.

As a person of now-royal blood, Wren had access to almost all the sections of the library, and came upon a copy of Domia abr Wyrda, and read about the extensive history of the Riders prior to their fall. He soon became genuinely interested in Dragon Riders, and talked to a Literator by the name of Vernon Malkin. Vernon spoke to him about the trials and triumphs of Eragon Shadeslayer, who was having a celebration in his honor for the 100th anniversary of the Fall of Galbatorix.

Vernon spoke of extensive lands to the Eastern Seas where Eragon and the elves settled to raise a new generation of Riders, and also of his cousin, Roran Stronghammer, a decorated warrior whose descendants now lived in New Carvahall. Wren was suddenly learning about the Ancient Language, but his hopes of having any magical talent were extinguished after trying to move a rock using the Ancient Language. The kind Literator urged him to continue this excersise, but Wren soon found it frustrating not to be able to move the rock. After Vernon's death, Wren, who was now 16, continued to unravel the mysteries of the Riders of old.